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15/11/13: Sorry for the delay in updating this journal- I keep either forgetting or not having time to do so. In any case, thank you for the interest in my commissions, but it will be temporarily closed. Commissions will open in December, where my holidays start. Hope to see some commissioners then~!

Hello everyone, This is my commission page, which includes the rates, variety and samples of the commissions I offer. Please spare some time looking through if possible:')

22/8/13: Relatively big revamps to this page in terms of information presentation and a new mode of commission type. Some price adjustments are also introduced. New commission samples to be updated at a later date.


Do you accept point commissions?
No, only paid commissions through paypal are accepted. However, I can accept commissions in the forms of subscriptions if that's the method you prefer.

Will you be posting my commission(s) on dA?
Generally, yes. Especially for coloured works. If they are sketch commissions, they may be uploaded to my scraps or not at all, though I will note you a link to the finished sketch commissions if that's the case. I will not upload coloured works if they're of sensitive content. Also, if you're uncomfortable with me uploading it on dA, please do tell me and I will make exceptions accordingly.

What do you draw?
Mostly anime humans and stuff, as from what you've seen from my gallery. I can also draw creatures (eg.Digimon) monsters, and to a certain degree, mecha, as long as references are provided, but note that I still draw people better than creatures and the like, so you're better off looking for a creature orientated artist if you're only looking to draw creatures but not humans. 

Where do I pay you?
My Paypal email:

Can I use your commission for commercial use?
No. All the commission prices listed here are for personal use only. For commercial usage of my commission, such as for business advertisements and/or other profitable use where you will be getting money from using my commission; a separate commission criteria is used. Note me for the price and details if you intend to use it commercially.

Commission Types:

Head shots: 11USD each, additional 5USD for each extra character. A simple background will be drawn by default. Additional fees would be required for more complex background requests, on a case by case basis.

Warm Light. by quirkYllogical Noatok. by quirkYllogical

Bust shots: 15USD each, 7USD for each extra character. A simple background will be drawn by default. Additional fees would be required for more complex background requests, on a case by case basis.

Birthday~* by quirkYllogicalHappy birthday Masarumon! by quirkYllogical'He's late isn't he...' by quirkYllogical
(reposted from old account) 
East West Showdown. by hikarinosekai

Waist down/Full body: 22USD each, 8USD for each extra character.
A simple background will be drawn by default. Additional fees would be required for more complex background requests, on a case by case basis.

That Unforgettable Night. by quirkYllogicalMy Boss My Hero~! by quirkYllogical:.Xros Frontier- Kouichi+Lowemon.: by quirkYllogicalKai. by quirkYllogicalIori~! by quirkYllogicalOlder Brothers and Younger Sisters. by quirkYllogical
other samples (old account)
Area EleVen A by hikarinosekaisee y'all. by hikarinosekai

Due to the variety of commissions I'm offering, it's important for you to note me first with your commission details, when we would settle on a price first; rather than sending me the money right away.

Chibis: 6USD each, 4USD for each extra character. 



Squiby (adoptables) Commissions (chibi) 5USD, includes egg image and 1 stage. 3usd for additional stage. You can choose whether you want to upload it as your own creation, or I'll upload it for you from my account, and you can adopt it from there. You can also tell me of the settings you want, such as how many clicks to level up, and if the squiby could be adopted infinitely or of a limited number.

What are adoptables?: They are cute little clickable chibis you can "hatch" and display on your blog, forum signatures, dA, etc. Interactive little things:)

My own adoptables, please click!…

Sketches: 5USD per character, additional 3USD for each extra character. Additional 2USD for flat colouring of each character. 

Other Samples- "Any Shipping Day" sketch requests:

More sketches under tumblr art tag…

That's all for now, hope to hear from you all soon!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, I'm Lyrl; 20, hitting 21 in a few months or less depending on at which point did you read this bio. I was a graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic, school of interactive digital media and (Animation); currently in the 2nd semester in university, where I'm studying to be a teacher. My major now is in Biology, but that doesn't mean I'm forgetting about art. I try to make time for it every now and then, during weekends when I'm not as busy, or I should say not as lazy- and it helps me keep my stress levels down when I'm being frustrated over school work. That's not to say I dislike my current pursuits either, I love learning new things and I'm fascinated with knowledge, I treat them as a fountain of inspiration which I can draw on for the sake of my art. It's just that sometimes deadlines don't allow me to kick back and relax when I really feel like it.

Art to me is a language, I wish to use it to convey the thoughts I want to express. I wish to draw out the ideas in my head, and show my world to you all.

I don't believe art to be just pretty images. Of course, pretty images are part of it, but it can also be something more than that. I'm still struggling with it though- it seems to me that my expectations seem to skyrocket every time I want to draw something that conveys a meaning- I end up unable to live up to my own expectations and hence create nothing. Therefore my art now doesn't reflect this. I am still going to keep drawing though, and one day art will become the medium in which I can show my mind's world to you all.

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